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Celebrate Montecristo’s 80th anniversary with the exquisite Montecristo 80 Anniversario, a cigar embodying rich history and superior craftsmanship. Box of 25 Cigars Montecristo 55 168 mm / 6.6 inches Medium Piramide


Montecristo is a name that resonates deeply within the cigar aficionado community. Known for its rich history, impeccable craftsmanship, and superior quality, the brand has stood the test of time. To commemorate its 80th anniversary, Montecristo has introduced a cigar that encapsulates its legacy of excellence: the Montecristo 80 Anniversario.

A Legacy of Excellence

Montecristo’s journey began in 1935 in the lush tobacco fields of Cuba. From its inception, the brand has been committed to quality and a passion for perfection, quickly ascending the ranks to become one of the most revered names in the cigar industry. The Montecristo 80 Anniversario serves as a tribute to this enduring legacy, embodying the rich history and timeless traditions that have defined the brand over eight decades.

The brand’s reputation for excellence is not just built on its longevity but also on its unwavering dedication to craftsmanship. Each Montecristo cigar is a testament to the meticulous attention to detail that has been passed down through generations of master blenders and torcedores. The Montecristo 80 Anniversario encapsulates these values, offering aficionados a chance to experience a piece of cigar history.

In celebrating its 80th anniversary, Montecristo not only honors its past but also sets a high standard for the future. The Montecristo 80 Anniversario is a cigar that pays homage to the brand’s storied past while showcasing the innovations and advancements that will carry Montecristo into the next era of cigar excellence.

The Craftsmanship Behind Montecristo 80 Anniversario

Creating a cigar worthy of Montecristo’s 80-year legacy requires meticulous attention to detail and unparalleled craftsmanship. The Montecristo 80 Anniversario is crafted with the finest tobacco leaves, selected from the most fertile regions of Cuba. Each leaf undergoes a rigorous aging process, enhancing its flavor, aroma, and burn characteristics to meet Montecristo’s high standards.

Selection of Tobacco

  • Wrapper: The cigar features a luxurious Cuban wrapper, known for its smooth texture and rich color. This wrapper adds a layer of complexity to the cigar’s flavor profile, contributing to its overall elegance and depth.
  • Binder: The binder is also of Cuban origin, providing a robust framework that holds the cigar together while adding its own unique flavor notes. This careful selection ensures a balanced and cohesive smoking experience.
  • Filler: The filler blend consists of aged Cuban ligero, seco, and volado leaves, creating a harmonious balance of strength, complexity, and smoothness. Each type of leaf contributes distinct characteristics, resulting in a multi-layered and dynamic flavor profile.

Rolling Process

Expert torcedores (cigar rollers) with decades of experience hand-roll each Montecristo 80 Anniversario cigar. The process involves a series of precise steps, including bunching, binding, and wrapping, ensuring that each cigar is rolled to perfection. This dedication to craftsmanship guarantees a flawless smoking experience, with each cigar offering a consistent draw and even burn.

The rolling process is an art form that requires skill, patience, and precision. Each torcedor brings their own expertise and touch to the creation of the Montecristo 80 Anniversario, ensuring that every cigar meets the brand’s exacting standards. This level of craftsmanship is a key element of what makes Montecristo cigars so special.

In addition to the skill of the torcedores, the quality control process is rigorous, with each cigar undergoing multiple inspections to ensure it meets Montecristo’s high standards. This commitment to excellence is evident in every puff of the Montecristo 80 Anniversario.

Flavor Profile

The Montecristo 80 Anniversario offers a complex and refined flavor profile that evolves with each puff. From the moment you light up, you are greeted with a symphony of flavors that showcase the expertise of Montecristo’s master blenders. Each third of the cigar reveals new layers of complexity, making for a truly engaging smoking experience.

First Third

The cigar opens with a burst of rich, earthy tones, complemented by subtle hints of cocoa and coffee. The initial flavors are robust yet smooth, setting the stage for a sophisticated smoking experience. The earthy notes provide a solid foundation, while the cocoa and coffee add a layer of sweetness and depth.

As you continue to smoke, the flavors begin to evolve, with the initial burst of earthiness giving way to more nuanced undertones. This complexity keeps the first third interesting and engaging, inviting you to savor each puff and anticipate the transitions to come.

The draw is smooth and even, allowing the flavors to develop fully and providing a rich, creamy smoke that enhances the overall experience. This careful blending and craftsmanship ensure that the Montecristo 80 Anniversario starts strong and sets the tone for the rest of the cigar.

Second Third

As you progress into the second third, the flavors deepen, revealing notes of leather, cedar, and a touch of spice. The smoke becomes creamier, and the complexity of the cigar’s blend truly begins to shine. The leather and cedar add a richness and warmth, while the spice introduces an exciting element of surprise.

The transition from the first to the second third is seamless, with the flavors building on each other to create a harmonious and balanced profile. The creaminess of the smoke enhances the overall experience, making each puff smooth and enjoyable.

The spice adds a layer of complexity that keeps the palate engaged, providing a dynamic and evolving flavor profile. This section of the cigar showcases the masterful blending that Montecristo is known for, with each note complementing the others perfectly.

Final Third

In the final third, the Montecristo 80 Anniversario reaches its full potential. The flavors meld together seamlessly, offering a rich and satisfying finish. Hints of dark chocolate and roasted nuts emerge, leaving a lasting impression on the palate. The richness of the dark chocolate and the nuttiness of the roasted nuts provide a decadent and indulgent conclusion to the smoking experience.

The final third is where the cigar’s complexity truly shines, with each flavor note coming together to create a cohesive and memorable finish. The transitions are smooth and well-balanced, making for a satisfying and enjoyable end to the cigar.

The Montecristo 80 Anniversario’s ability to evolve and develop throughout the smoking experience is a testament to the skill and expertise of Montecristo’s master blenders. Each third offers something unique and exciting, making this cigar a journey of flavors that keeps you engaged from start to finish.

The Montecristo Experience

Smoking a Montecristo 80 Anniversario is more than just enjoying a cigar; it’s an experience steeped in tradition and excellence. From the moment you open the elegant box to the final draw, each aspect of this cigar is designed to provide the ultimate smoking experience. The attention to detail and craftsmanship that goes into each cigar is evident in every aspect of the Montecristo 80 Anniversario.


The Montecristo 80 Anniversario comes in a beautifully crafted box, adorned with the emblematic Montecristo logo. The cigars are arranged in a way that showcases their impeccable construction and flawless appearance. The packaging itself is a work of art, reflecting the luxury and sophistication that Montecristo is known for.

The elegant design of the box makes it a perfect addition to any cigar collection, as well as a thoughtful gift for aficionados. The presentation is a testament to Montecristo’s commitment to excellence, ensuring that the experience begins the moment you lay eyes on the box.

Inside, each cigar is meticulously arranged, highlighting the care and attention to detail that has gone into their creation. The packaging not only protects the cigars but also enhances the overall experience, making the Montecristo 80 Anniversario a true pleasure from start to finish.

Smoking Ritual

For many aficionados, smoking a Montecristo is a ritual that involves careful preparation and mindful enjoyment. Here are some steps to enhance your Montecristo 80 Anniversario experience:

  1. Cutting the Cigar: Use a sharp cigar cutter to make a clean cut, ensuring an even draw. A precise cut is essential for maximizing the flavor and ensuring a smooth smoking experience.
  2. Lighting the Cigar: Use a wooden match or butane lighter for an even light. Toast the foot of the cigar before taking the first puff. This helps to ensure an even burn and enhances the initial flavors.
  3. Enjoying the Smoke: Take slow, deliberate puffs to savor the complex flavors. Allow the smoke to linger in your mouth to fully appreciate the blend. Taking your time enhances the experience and allows you to savor each transition.
  4. Resting the Cigar: Let the cigar rest between puffs. This helps maintain a consistent burn and enhances the flavor profile. Allowing the cigar to rest also prevents overheating, which can affect the taste and overall experience.

A Tribute to Montecristo’s Legacy

The Montecristo 80 Anniversario is more than just a cigar; it is a tribute to the brand’s rich history and enduring legacy. It represents the pinnacle of Montecristo’s craftsmanship and dedication to quality. For cigar enthusiasts, it offers an unparalleled smoking experience that pays homage to one of the most iconic names in the cigar world.

Why Choose Montecristo 80 Anniversario?

  • Historical Significance: Celebrates 80 years of Montecristo’s excellence, making it a milestone in the brand’s illustrious history.
  • Superior Craftsmanship: Hand-rolled by expert torcedores using the finest Cuban tobacco, ensuring a high-quality smoking experience.
  • Complex Flavor Profile: Offers a rich and evolving smoking experience, with each third revealing new layers of complexity.
  • Elegant Presentation: Comes in a beautifully designed box, perfect for collectors and aficionados alike.


The Montecristo 80 Anniversario is a testament to the enduring legacy of one of the world’s most esteemed cigar brands. From its meticulous craftsmanship to its complex flavor profile, this cigar embodies the excellence that Montecristo has been known for over the past 80 years. Whether you’re a seasoned aficionado or a newcomer to the world of cigars, the Montecristo 80 Anniversario offers an unparalleled experience that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

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